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Application Process

Get Ready has many years of experience and expertise in placing students into high schools in Spain.

Our unique service cuts through the complexities of applying to a Spanish high school, accelerating the process while advising and supporting students at every stage - from first inquiry to successful placement and beyond.

Making the process simple

  • Step 1: Student turns in completed Get Ready high school program application.
  • Step 2: Application is reviewed and a response is given within two weeks.
  • Step 3: Students applies for a VISA at a Spanish consulate in his/her home country (if needed) using Get ready’s visa support documents submitted after reception of full payment.
  • Step 4: Approximately 3 weeks prior to arrival, the student will receive information regarding the host family, the school, the community, and arrival date.

Who should apply?

  • Students between the ages of 14 and 18 (minimum age 14 for public school program).
  • Students who have not finished their high school studies at home. We have special programs for students who have finished high school. Please contact us for additional information.
  • Students who want to become more fluent in the Spanish language. At least two years of study are required in order to be able to follow high school lessons taught in Spanish and to make the adaption to a Spanish host family smoother.
  • Students who want the opportunity to successfully participate in all aspects of school, family and community life in Spain.
  • Students who have achieved average or better school results in the last two years.

Apply for a High School year

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