Año escolar en el extranjero

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Local Coordinators

In Get Ready, our Local Coordinators will be available to support and guide the students throughout the program. They will assist them when they have questions and support them during their study abroad experience. Both our staff at the Get Ready office and the Local Coordinators are committed to providing the highest level of service to the students, ensuring a successful and happy year.


Student files will be distributed to Get Ready Local Coordinators in Spain who will place the students with appropriately screened and oriented Spanish host families. In the case of boarding school students, they will likewise offer their support and help to them, meeting them periodically to check on their progress and well-being.

Local Coordinators

The Local Coordinators will be in at least monthly contact –if it’s not more often- with students by phone or in person and will provide counselling to students for the whole duration of the program. Each student is assigned a Local Coordinator who is responsible for talking to the student and his/her host family/boarding school staff and being available throughout his/her program to help resolve any problems the students may have.

Local Orientations

Within the first weeks of the student's arrival, Get Ready’s Local Coordinators will arrange a student orientation with the exchange students living in the area. The purpose of this meeting is to review the rules of the program, the adaptation process, Spanish customs and general high school information. At the orientation, students can share experiences with other high school students and have personal talks with their Local Coordinators.

Get Ready provides guidelines and advice for both our host families and our students to help ensure that students are fully integrated into the family unit, making the experience enjoyable for everyone involved.

Meet our local coordinators and staff:

Local Coordinator in Alicante

Isabel was born in Almeria (Andalucía) but moved to Elche when she was 4 years old, where she still lives. Elche is only 20 km away from Alicante. Isabel started her career as a secretary but after a while realized that she didn’t want to pass her life sitting behind a computer. She loves the human contact and all her jobs have always been involved with people and personal relations.

She has an incredible interest in other cultures and loves to help young people to make the most of the cultural exchange. That’s why she works as a coordinator. She admits this jobs has given her a lot of personal satisfactions. She loves travelling and whenever she has a chance, she goes abroad to discover new places.

Local Coordinator in Cádiz
Inma was born and lives in Cádiz. She has an extensive experience working with international students. She really empathizes with young people. Inma was an exchange student and this has given her the perfect vision to understand the difficulties that they may have during their stay in a different country.

Inma believes in one and only “global world” and she works for it, her main goal is to learn something new every day from other cultures. She loves reading, cooking international dishes, biking, travelling and everything related to nature.

Local Coordinator in Granada

Myriam comes from France, although she’s been living for 17 years in the beautiful city of Granada. She specialized herself in tourism studies, and later in Hispanic studies (Spanish as a foreign language).

Her experience as an Erasmus student from the University of Aix en Provence attending the MA College in Granada made her get a real scope of the need of foreign students in it. She currently works as a French teacher and is in permanent contact with youngsters and academic institutions.

Myriam enjoys outdoor activities, going to the gym and spending quality time with family and friends.  

Local Coordinator in Huelva

Luisa was born in Reus (Tarragona), but moved to Moguer (Huelva) when she was 7. She’s very happy that her parents made that decision because she’s in love with the area she lives in now. Moguer is just 15 km away from the beach, 15 km away from Huelva, and 80 km away from Seville: it’s well communicated with everything around it; and living there is a real luxury.

She’s been a host family for 6 years and she claims it’s one of the best experiences she has ever had. She started because she was fond of the cultural exchange and she’s a language lover. She loves her students and she’s still in contact with many of them. They are a very important part of her life. Thanks to them, she has learned to outdo herself, gotten to experience different cultures and made her family bigger.

In her free time, Luisa enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, travelling and discovering new places.


Marketing and Local Coordinator in Madrid

Clara graduated in Translation and Interpreting and then pursued an MBA in International Business and Marketing. After having worked in the translation and marketing arena and having lived in 6 different cities –including a year in Austria as an Erasmus student-, she joined Get Ready due to her willingness to work with international youngsters.

She loves communicating, mentoring and inspiring. Her skills earned as a sports coach and as a private tutor both with teens and their parents make her enjoy her current position with exchange students and host families. Direct contact with passionate and excited students every day is one of the most rewarding things to her.

Besides being a Local Coordinator in the Madrid area, Clara is chaperon and organizer of Get Ready Soft Landing Camps and optional trips, so she gets to know most of the students staying in other areas too.

In her free time Clara enjoys sports (skiing, basketball), open doors activities, travelling, cooking and learning new languages.

Local Coordinator in Sevilla

Pilar lives in Tomares, a small village 2 km west of Sevilla capital. She has a lot of experience in the cultural interchange. She was an interchange student in United Kingdom. This helped her to understand the work and role of a coordinator.

She now has more than 20 years of experience hosting and advising students of several different nationalities. She has previously worked in training which has helped her too in her communication with the students. Pilar is an open-minded and motivated person.

Local Coordinator in Valencia

Ana lives in Massanassa, a quiet and residential village only 8 km away from Valencia. She has two children, Miguel and Olga, who are both students. She has previous experience as a commercial consultant and has studied a master’s degree in Gestalt Therapy. Since she was just a kid, Ana has a true passion for travelling but also likes reading, hiking, music, sports and movies.

As a coordinator at Get Ready, she sees her work as an opportunity to be in touch with students. She is eager to learn and know different cultures and enjoying other ways of life.

Inbound Manager

Fond of learning languages from an early age, Raquel’s background is in the tourism and international languages fields. As an internship student in Ireland for almost three years, she learnt much about adapting to a new culture and a new language, which helps Raquel to easily empathize with exchange students in Spain.

When she moved back to Spain, she started developing the inbound department at Get Ready 17 years ago.

Mother of two young kids, in her spare time she loves biking and rollerblading with her family, as well as learning new languages and reading.